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Regenerative Dining

True transformation happens when sustainability tactics are built into a full, supportive design system. 

From farm-to-table ingredients to reducing emissions on deliveries, there are endless ways to make a restaurant more sustainable. However, what the industry needed to move forward was a robust strategy and compelling vision for how to bring all these ideas together.



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Brand Strategy



The Regenerative Dining system was created for a large, national restaurant chain as a way to build sustainability initiatives into a working design system. The three formats each have a specific purpose: the flagship execution is meant to inspire future restaurant builds, the mobile version brings the mission on the go and an urban-only design put roots in a new market.


Each piece of green technology used has multiple practical and aesthetic functions. Gardens and interior green walls provide ambience and also supply the restaurant with ingredients. Solar panels supply the building with power – and also helps power nearby neighborhoods.


Existing touch points were also given consideration so they could better support app and other ordering methods. Overall, Regenerative Dining brought details and strategy together to support a new sustainability vision.