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Mother Co., Plants

Refreshing a brand’s visual identity means recognizing what’s fundamental 

When Mother Co., Plants, a specialty plant store local to Minneapolis, came under new ownership it was a key moment to update the visual identity. It needed to feel fresh, but not abandon the brand’s much beloved bespoke, quirky, and effortlessly cool personality.


Mother Co., Plants

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Brand Identity



To keep the brand recognition Mother Co., Plants had built, the current design elements were refined instead of completely reimagined.


The overall illustrative style was maintained, while the font and logo were both refreshed for forward momentum and balance. Pops of neon and brights were added to the expanded palette to bring in a sense of modern playfulness.


As a final touch, product branding, merch designs, and messaging were given thoughtful updates to align with core visual elements. The overall effect was a visual identity that maintained brand cohesion, but provided a fresh perspective for the years to come.