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A brand’s in-store retail presence is more than a location for transactions – it’s an introduction and a place for exploration.

Building a brand’s in-store presence means creating an inviting and recognizable space where customers can find what they need. However, for brands that show up in nearly every market across the globe, consistency and precise execution are just as important. 



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Physical Space



Bringing Google to life in retail meant understanding what consumers recognize about the brand and highlighting it in both graphic design and fixture execution. Physical designs needed to feel premium, but still be relatable, durable, and distinct from rollout throughout the life of the fixture.


Global consistency is a challenge in many different ways. From playbooks to fixtures, all of the retail work needed to bridge the communication between the brand, the retailers, the consumers, and other partners.


Our team created global retail brand identity guidelines for what graphics to use, fixture fabrication, and materials. To support Google’s sustainability initiatives, we identified and sourced materials and production practices to reduce environmental impact, including FSC-certified wood, water-based inks, and recyclable metals.