Creating Connection & Balance with the WORKSHOP Building Remodel

A significant part of the WORKSHOP culture stems from our iconic building, located in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District on the historic Quincy Street. Previously a textile factory, foundry, and James Page Brewery, the bones of the space have always been strong and offered compelling visuals.

In 2016 the WORKSHOP building went through a major restoration and renovation (see images here) and most recently in 2021, the unique space was remodeled to provide intentional structure and foster collaboration as we returned to the office. An internal team led by senior designer, Paula Rojas, spearheaded the WORKSHOP building remodel. With a background in architecture, Paula brought a trained eye to visualize what our space needed to build connections within the team. Paula shares more about the process of renovating the WORKSHOP building below:

Q: What was accomplished with the WORKSHOP building remodel?

A: One of the most notable elements of the remodel is the addition of a mezzanine. It overlooks the entire office, providing additional desk space and expanding the overall square footage. We also created new meeting spaces with glass walls and steel beams, maintaining transparency and open visuals. 

Q: What were you hoping to achieve in the remodel?

A: Now that we are working both in-office and from home, it is important that the office serves our staff differently than it did before 2020. Since we can practically do our job completely remote, we want in-office time to be intentional and provide something at-home work cannot. Face-to-face collaboration is where a lot of the WORKSHOP magic happens, so establishing designated spaces for team creativity was definitely top priority in the remodel.

Q: Where did you pull inspiration from for the remodel?

A: We really wanted to work with what was already here. It was a bit challenging working with a space that was not intended to be an office space. The industrial elements of the historic building add a lot of character and we wanted to keep those qualities, but make the space more functional and organized. To achieve this, we leaned into a more layered design to help bring more definition to the space.

Q: What’s your favorite element in the remodel design?

A: The office feels much more balanced and everything has a designated place. I also love the view of the office from the mezzanine. Since the remodel, I’ve noticed how the team is using the space differently than before. With the collaboration areas, we have more designated creative areas and we’re making good use of it when we are in the office. 

To learn more about the WORKSHOP building redesign, check out our feature on Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal’s Cool Office column.


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