Taking on a client means meeting them in their present, and then working with them to build a road map for their future. No partnership exemplifies this better than our work with Google.
Some ideas come from a brief; some ideas are the culmination of a collectively overactive imagination. This project is the latter. We saw how Chromebook could benefit from a dynamic, physical space, so we created a new retail system that can evolve with the brand.
A system is only as good as its tangible application in the real world. We moved from the conceptual into the physical by creating a new brand standard that ensures consistency across global markets.
Retail requires consistency, but being a global brand means standards usually need localization. The playbooks we created were thorough, but built for adaptability with flexible assets, messaging and fixture guidelines.
Consumers see digital and physical as interchangeable, so we created a seamless online, mobile and in-store experience. We blended banner ads and store displays. We also moved beyond simple integration and piloted emerging technology like augmented reality and 3D models.
Blending the physical and digital meant extending the store aisle directly to people’s screens to help Chromebook stand out. Consumers can explore device features, color ways and more without leaving the comfort of their home.
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